JLo Glow or Kardashian Tan

With summer finally hitting the UK this weekend I thought I'd round up my favourite self tanning products so you can get bronzed without the burn!

Starting off with the easiest option, Dove Summer Glow. Minimal skin prep needed i.e. slap it on without any faffing or exfoliating etc. You can apply this with your hands straight out the shower after drying off and let it absorb fully before dressing. This nourishing lotion contains tiny shimmer particles to add radiance to the skin a la JLo, and looks beautiful on summer nights. Bonus - it doesn't have the usual smell that comes with tanning products.

Next is one of my favourites, Xen Tan Moroccan Tan. This needs a little more time to apply and also you'll need to prep the skin before hand. Exfoliating and moisturising a few days in advance is a must. This I would say is for the more experienced self tanner as it comes out of the tube VERY dark! But before you jump in the shower and quickly wash away the crazy looking person in the mirror, wait until the morning or a couple of hours later and you'll be left with gorgeous bronzed limbs. This self tanner gives an amazing deep olive colour to the skin but, beware, ensure you wear a tanning mitt and work it over the body fast as it dries quickly.

As someone who had problematic skin as teenager I always use separate face and body products and this also applies to my self tanning routine. One that has never left my cabinet is again from Xen Tan. This is a specific self tanner for the face that gives an amazing natural look without any oompa loompa jokes.

My last self tanning recommendation is a new discovery this year and my favourite by far. TanYA Whitebits Self Tan Bronzing Mousse, developed by local business entrepreneur Shoned Owen. I absolutely love this product, applies evenly, no awful tanning smell, paraben free, alcohol free and fast drying. I find it lasts 4 days or so before showing signs of fading and considering I shower twice daily on most days that's really impressive. However, I do exfoliate once a day and moisturise my skin with an oil free moisturiser which will certainly help maintain your tan.

So there they are, my faves without the tangoed look.