Skin Saviours

Those of you that visit me for either treatments or make up will know I'm a bit of a skincare geek. Expert, no. Enthusiast, yes.

My obsession that has been going strong for a good year now is facial oils. 

As I've skipped over the 30 years old hurdle, I find that moisturiser used alone doesn't cut it anymore and that my skin craves a routine with a little more oomph. Personally, I love taking my make up off in the evening as I find it a way to wind down after a hectic day but most women I see want a quick and effective routine. 

If you have particularly oily skin try using a facial oil instead of your moisturiser, but if you have a drier complexion try adding one or two drops in the palm of your hand and mix with you moisturiser before applying. If you have a little more time apply the oil first, let it sink in for a few minutes, and then apply moisturiser.

Everyone's budget is different. But my opinion is that if you spend £30-£40 on a foundation, you should also be willing to spend this on skincare. Too many women I see say that they would never leave the house without make up on; however, when you take care of what is underneath, you won't need to mask you face. That's why I do spend more on skincare now than make up.

My favourite night oil is definitely the Sunday Riley Luna oil. It's £85.00 (gulp) BUT, it's the best skincare product I have ever ever used. Space NK are amazing at giving samples if you do want to try before taking the plunge. As it contains retinol I use this once or twice a week and only need a few drops at a time, so a bottle will last months. After using this wonder product I wake up in the morning with what feels like and looks like new skin. Everything seems much smoother and even. Just make sure you use a good SPF, especially after using retinol as it does thin the skin for a day or two.

My favourite daytime oil at the moment is PAI's Rosehip Bioregenerate oil. I say daytime but I do also use this on days when I'm not using Sunday Riley Luna. Non greasy and perfect for dull skin that is starting to show signs of ageing. My skin feels hydrated and again much soother and plumper after using. 

By no means am I skincare expert and, as with anything I post about, it's only what I have found personally works for me or from feedback I receive from clients.

Any questions fire away!


MAC lip liner dupe alert!

One of life's simple pleasures. Finding a dupe of your higher end favourite make up on the high street for only £2.99!

Kylie Jenner's lip liner and lipstick choice has been a hot topic for a while now and, to help you save a few pennies, here are my pretty close dupes of her favourite lip liners by Barry M.

Barry M Number 17- Toast / MAC Spice (or Stripdown which is even closer to this)

Barry M Number 15- Rose / MAC Soar

Barry M Number 17- Blush / MAC Whirl


Fantastic value for money, creamy texture, and perfect to apply all over the lips alone for a matte finish.

Available at Boots and Superdrug


JLo Glow or Kardashian Tan

With summer finally hitting the UK this weekend I thought I'd round up my favourite self tanning products so you can get bronzed without the burn!

Starting off with the easiest option, Dove Summer Glow. Minimal skin prep needed i.e. slap it on without any faffing or exfoliating etc. You can apply this with your hands straight out the shower after drying off and let it absorb fully before dressing. This nourishing lotion contains tiny shimmer particles to add radiance to the skin a la JLo, and looks beautiful on summer nights. Bonus - it doesn't have the usual smell that comes with tanning products.

Next is one of my favourites, Xen Tan Moroccan Tan. This needs a little more time to apply and also you'll need to prep the skin before hand. Exfoliating and moisturising a few days in advance is a must. This I would say is for the more experienced self tanner as it comes out of the tube VERY dark! But before you jump in the shower and quickly wash away the crazy looking person in the mirror, wait until the morning or a couple of hours later and you'll be left with gorgeous bronzed limbs. This self tanner gives an amazing deep olive colour to the skin but, beware, ensure you wear a tanning mitt and work it over the body fast as it dries quickly.

As someone who had problematic skin as teenager I always use separate face and body products and this also applies to my self tanning routine. One that has never left my cabinet is again from Xen Tan. This is a specific self tanner for the face that gives an amazing natural look without any oompa loompa jokes.

My last self tanning recommendation is a new discovery this year and my favourite by far. TanYA Whitebits Self Tan Bronzing Mousse, developed by local business entrepreneur Shoned Owen. I absolutely love this product, applies evenly, no awful tanning smell, paraben free, alcohol free and fast drying. I find it lasts 4 days or so before showing signs of fading and considering I shower twice daily on most days that's really impressive. However, I do exfoliate once a day and moisturise my skin with an oil free moisturiser which will certainly help maintain your tan.

So there they are, my faves without the tangoed look.

Troublesome skin? You need to read this.

I've been asked a lot recently about which products I would recommend for looking after your skin and, specifically, what I use. Everyone's skin is different and as a Make up Artist I come across all sorts of skin complaints. Here are a few key points that can help you achieve that natural glow and clear looking skin we all want. Don't get too overwhelmed by all these points, it's much easier than you think!

1. DON'T USE FACE WIPES! I can't stress this enough, please please please bin the face wipes. Even the gentlest of face wipes have a high alcohol content which dries your skin out. Face wipes will never ever clean your face properly. EVER. From my experience whenever someone says their skin's been dry recently, or they've been suffering from breakouts, my first question is "do use face wipes?". 99.9% of clients say yes.

2. Use an oil or balm cleanser - not anything foamy or 'spot fighting'. Again, the latter will dry your skin leaving it tight and uncomfortable. It's an old wives tale that oil cleansers will make oily skin oilier - just avoid mineral oils (check the ingredients). Apply to a dry face, add a little water to emulsify, and take off with a clean warm flannel. It takes seconds. Repeat twice in the evenings, My advice is come home from work and wash your face straight away with the products below, and don't leave it until it's time to go to bed.  First wash will take off the majority of the day's grime, the second will properly cleanse. Make sure you still wash your face in the morning too.!

Evening skincare.JPG

3. Do a facial massage once or twice a week. This will certainly help you get the glow as it will increase blood circulation and help with lymphatic drainage, giving you a less puffy looking face. Have a look at this video by top Make Up Artist Lisa Eldridge to see how:

3. Ditch the grainy exfoliater. Think of your skin as a piece of silk - would you scrub and drag/ pull your favourite silk blouse to clean it? 

4. Most skin complaints are due to dehydration. If you fancy a treat and want to really ramp your routine, instead of spending a lot on a fancy face cream, spend less on this and add a hydrating serum to your routine. Think of it as underwear before your clothes! My current favourites are Indeed Labs Hydraluron Moisture Booster and Clarins Bi Phase serum.

5. Use and SPF daily, and not one that's already in your moisturiser. Usually the one found in your face cream has been watered down, thereby not giving enough protection against UVA and UVB rays. Regrettably, having been an avid sunbed and general sun worshiper, I now wear on SPF 30 daily even on cloudy days.